Gunnar Optik’s Review

So I got some of those Gunnar Optiks about a month ago. I had read a bunch of stuff on them and I was torn on if they were a scam or not, but it seemed like short money ($80-$120 USD The price is set by Gunnar, i.e. couldn’t find any deals really). I had asked my eye doctor about them and I didn’t get much of a response from him, basically saying they aren’t all that great, but probably not a waste either.

So here is my experience with them.

The bad

  • Frames: I ended up getting the expensive ones because they were the only frames that weren’t really horrible looking. the cheaper ones have bulky heavy frames and there is nothing special about them. personally I would have liked to see a better quality frame.
  • Glare: So when I first toss them on, the blue anti-glare coating is pretty obvious and some times i can even notice my eye, on the plus side, my eyes typically focus past that in a couple of seconds. The other thing about the anti-glare coating is that in a very dark room you tend to notice it more.

The Good

  • The biggest plus I feel is the .25 magnification. I use 4 monitors at work and I feel like I can visually move around them much faster and read quicker. Everything just seems much sharper.
  • Also I like the yellow tint, I think it might be part of the reason things are a tad more clear. The tint just seems comfortable to my eyes.
  • Even though I have a small problem with the glare coating, I find over all its very helpful.

One of the main reasons I decided to get these glasses was that I just got laser eye surgery (PRK) and had to go back to work fairly soon and figured if these help relieve strain even a little its probably worth it. I don’t think I’d spend the $300 to get these in a prescription, just too much for what they do.

Along the lines of eye strain its really hard to say if they help with that or not. I rarely notice eye strain so it would be hard to say if they prevent it or not. I typically notice it if I’ve had a lack of sleep and after I got back to work, I had had a long week, so maybe they help? Hard to say though.

About the dark room and glare thing above. I like to play COD some times when i get home from work, and sure, the glasses help a little, but I typically play in a very dark room and i notice the blue from the anti-glare coating and its rather annoying. Don’t normally wear the glasses while playing because of that. If I turn the lights on low (dimmer switch) it helps, but I’d rather have no light while I play. I’m not a serious player and I rarely play long, so, not a big deal.

Also because of the eye surgery I’ve gone to the Dr a few times lately, so I can safely say that I like the .25 magnification and I have 20/20 sight now, so in some of the conversations/reviews I’ve read people say ‘you probably like it because you’re eyes are off’, that’s not the case, it just makes things sharper.

So, Overall, I’d say I really like them. They were worth the money to me.


UPDATE: It’s been several months and I still wear them every day at work.  I almost never notice the glare reflection any more and I still hate the cheap frames. I’d still buy them again.


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