Powershell Resources

I’m going to build this up over time but one of the best resources is the North Texas PC User Group site. If you’d like a feed of the majority of the blogs here, follow this

As far as reading the Powershell.com Ebook is a great resource.

Technet Wiki’s:

Powershell V3 Guide

PowerShell – Deep Dive and Best Practice

PowerShell – Running Executables

Graphics in powershell? Sure why not!

PowerShell Tools:


  1. Hi Rich

    You posted the below on a technet forum and I wondered if you could expand this just a wee bit as it seems like an elegant and non pain in the a*** way to convert simple text to readable html without fully formatting the whole darn thing in your script. Specifically how the first line with the $file -join works in context to the rest of the script. Any chance?
    Cheers, Rob Hall.

    You said: “im a fan of the find and replace method
    when you do get-content its an array of lines, so you’d join and toss a BR in there
    $file -join “`n”
    not sure what other sort of HTML you’re looking for… but there is no magic for turning pure text in to HTML
    oh yeah, and just toss a header and footer
    “” + $file + “”
    etc etc”

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