Windows Command List

List of random windows commands i’ve come across that have been useful. hopefully powershell will replace all of them! If you know of any cool ones please share them.

  • Query – allows you to query info on Process/session/termserver/user
  • Qwinsta/Rwinsta -Query/Remove RDP session
  • Schtasks – Manage scheduled tasks


A full list can be downloaded from Microsoft

once you download it right click on it, do properties and unblock.

  1. I always found the tree command interesting, and I am sure PowerShell could turn it some very interesting data.

  2. That actually came up the other day in the forums

    Voodoomsr has a good way to do this with objects, which could easily be converted to do it with a GCI

    function ExploreRec{
    param([int]$lvl, $object, $pref)

    if($lvl -eq 0){return}
    if($object -isnot [System.Type]){
    $object = $object.gettype()
    $object.getproperties()| % { $pref+$_.Name; ExploreRec $lvl $_.PropertyType $pref}


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